Female Chiropractor Serving Boise and the Treasure Valley

Boise chiropractic physician, Dr. Kjersten Jones, along with her team, is committed to helping patients achieve better health and a pain-free life through natural, safe, and effective chiropractic care. Our goal at Explore Wellness is to serve our patients with high-quality care and make sure that your experience here is positive and comfortable. You will find that the Explore Wellness Team is dedicated to educating you, listening to your concerns and providing the highest level of care. Our gentle and effective techniques have helped thousands of patients suffering from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, arm and leg pain, migraines and headaches without drugs and medications. We offer home exercises, nutrition, essential oils and health coaching, taking an integrative approach to our patient’s health and well-being. Dr. Jones also loves to be a resource that provides information on health and has created a network of superior professionals that are committed to the community as well.

At Explore Wellness, we believe that everyone should be able to have their own adventures, whatever they may be, be abundant in their life and relationships, and have alignment of their mind and body. We do this by offering a warm, supportive environment that allows you to reach your full potential physically and mentally. When you feel good, you have better relationships, do things that you love and have better mental clarity. We are grateful to be part of the journey of you and your family.

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