“Dr. Jones and the staff at Explore Wellness are the best! They always treat me with the utmost care and respect, and after a visit with Dr, Jones, I know I’m going to feel great. Not only do I trust Dr. Jones with my well-being, but I feel confident leaving my child’s well-being in her hands as well.”

-Tiffany E.


“I’ve been seeing Dr. Jones since February of 2016 and I will never go to anyone else! I got rear ended while I was 2 months pregnant and I was able to get adjusted my whole pregnancy. If it weren’t for those adjustments, I know I would have had a miserable pregnancy.
Not only is Dr. Jones extremely knowledgeable, she is well educated, very personable and she truly cares about the well being of others.
She also adjusts my baby girl and was able to rid her of colic when she was first born.
I’m always able to get into see Dr. Jones with my crazy schedule and have never had to wait more than 5 minutes while she’s in between patients.
I highly recommend Dr. Jones and I have never had a bad experience in the almost 2 years since I’ve been going to Live Right Chiropractic!”

-Hannah W.


“Dr. Jones (and, really, everyone in their office) is amazing! They treat me like family every time I walk in. When I first met with Dr. Kjersten Jones, I had the most terrible neck and back pain. I was almost in tears. She was thorough with her analysis and I left my first appointment already feeling 120% better. Since then, she has given me all of the tools and information I need to strengthen my back and neck with in-home stretches. She is not the kind of Chiropractor that forces you to come in constantly. She always welcomes my appointments, but never tells me I HAVE to come back at a certain time. She is very holistic in her approach and I couldn’t be happier with the Chiropractic care I receive. Bonus: we’ve become good friends, too! It’s hard not to with Kjersten’s warm and genuine personality.”

-Emily G.


“Dr. Jones is an amazing Chiropractor. She spends the time with me to hear what’s going on with my body and then does a lot of muscle work before doing the adjustment. Both my kids see her as well and she is fabulous with them too. She talks them through what to expect before doing any adjustment. Lastly, I like that there is never any pressure to schedule the next appointment or create a treatment plan.”

-Tammy G.