At Explore Wellness Chiropractic we accept most health insurance plans. As a convenience to our patients, we bill your health insurance directly. You do not need a referral to come to our clinic.

Major health insurance plans we accept are:

• Blue Cross of Idaho
• Regence Blue Shield
• Aetna
• Cigna
• Bright Path
• United Health Care
• Pacific Source

We also accept:

• Auto Accidents
• Personal Injury Claims
• Workers Compensation

Cash Plan:

Due to recent changes in health care regulations, our clinic has to modify our current policies in order to be compliant with Obamacare. One of these modifications is that we are no longer allowed to give discounts to those of you who pay cash or anyone who has exhausted their insurance benefits. Effective May 15th, 2016 these policies will be put in place, eliminating cash discounts.

With these changes we still strive to provide the best healthcare for you, so we sought out the next best thing and implemented a plan with Chirohealth USA, a discount medical plan. This plan covers you and your immediate family for the low price of $49 per year. By signing up for this plan your cost at our clinic will be similar to what you were paying with cash discounts. If you do not wish to sign up for this program you will be paying the full price amount for chiropractic services rendered. Through this program with Chirohealth USA,  we were able to set a the maximum fee for a routine chiropractic visit. Furthermore, most patients end up saving more than the $49 membership fee in just a few visits.

We truly value you, as our patient, and strive to give you the best care possible without breaking the bank. The best way for us to do this, while staying compliant with Obamacare, is through Chirohealth USA. We encourage you to take advantage of this program so you can continue to receive the best care possible for the best possible price. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about specific pricing call us at (208)383-3703.