Does my insurance cover chiropractic care?

At Live Right, we accept many insurance plans and find that often individuals do have chiropractic coverage. When you set up your appointment, our great staff will take your insurance information and will check benefits for you! This will let you know what coverage you have for care.

Does it hurt?

Occasionally there is discomfort with treatment since individuals generally present with pain. Treatment is specialized to each patient to make it as comfortable as possible and to help get you back to where you and your family want to be.

Do you adjust kids the same way as adults?

Only the gentlest touch is used for infants and children. We have very specialized training in this population to be gentle and effective with care.

Do you treat areas other than the spine?

Yes. We are able to check the alignment and biomechanics of all joints from the shoulder and wrist to knee and ankle.

I’ve heard once you go, that you have to keep coming in, is this true?

The Doctor will make recommendations to you based on your presentation and complaint. Upon completion of your treatment plan, you will decide whether or not to continue with wellness.